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A window of hope…a world of opportunity

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”
~ Helen Keller

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Explore mental health.  While depression, anxiety and alienation affect the lives of many, dysfunction can yield to more meaningful ways of living life.  Explore the opportunities your life brings.  Learn how a healthier approach to living transforms life’s problems into manageable challenges.

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Discover happiness. The challenges of life do not need to overcome us. As Aristotle said long ago, the purpose of life is happiness. Discover how to make your life happier by being more mindful of your surroundings. Discover how to bring greater happiness into your life.

Mother and daughter walking down a path among the golden aspens of fall.


Experience life. Meaningful relationships with others are often full of surprises and sometimes disappointments. This is part of human existence, but there is more to life than disappointment. While human relationships are difficult, they also bring joy and love. Learn how to experience them more fully.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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We work with people of all ages by utilizing therapeutic methods for children, adults, couples and families. We address the needs of people by acknowledging the importance cultural heritage, gender, race and sexuality play in their self formation.

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