Caring for your Elementary Aged Child (5 – 10)

Developmental characteristics:

  • High energy, need lots of activity
  • Practicing large muscle and fine motor skills
  • Developing physical ability
  • Growing attention span
  • Respond to simple rules and limits
  • Eager to learn
  • Creative
  • Beginning to reason
  • Feel their ideas count
  • Easily hurt and insulted
  • Identify with the family
  • Eager to please
  • Enjoy small groups
  • Emphasize fairness

Supporting actions and activities:

  • Wide variety of activities
  • Choices
  • Routine
  • Frequent individual interaction with adults
  • Games with simple rules
  • Quiet areas as well as noisy areas
  • Outside experiences
  • Imaginative play opportunities
  • Some clear responsibilities (i.e. clean-up)
  • Projects that apply to school day lessons about family and community
  • Opportunities to read aloud, silently and to talk about books and ideas
  • Matching, ordering and sorting activities
  • Small experiments with everyday products
  • Nature walks and talks
  • Opportunities to work with a variety of materials for projects
  • Physical activities that do not emphasize competition (i.e. jump rope, marbles, jacks and kites)
  • Music, dance and drama opportunities
  • Opportunities to try experiences from diverse culture

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