Caring for Your Preadolescences & Teen (10 – 14)

Developmental characteristics:

  • High energy and needs lots of activity
  • Like to achieve and be seen as competent
  • Seem inconsistent in ideas and moods
  • Use logic and reasoning
  • Think beyond the immediate experience
  • Can exchange ideas
  • Seek independence
  • Want voice in decisions
  • Feel awkward and embarrassed in some situations
  • Need praise and approval
  • Identify strongly with peers
  • Begin experimentation

Supporting actions and activities:

  • Wide variety of options
  • Lots of choice
  • Connections to real-world experience
  • Opportunities to interact in large and small groups
  • Individual recognition
  • Experiences that explore ethics and values with adults
  • Opportunities to serve others
  • Physical activity
  • Opportunities for decision-making and leadership
  • Opportunities to apply and reinforce school day lessons in group and individual performance and products
  • Experiences emphasizing reasoning and problem solving in art, science and mathematics
  • Quiet times for homework with adult and peer help
  • Games that provide opportunities to practice basic skills such as chess checkers, puzzles and word games
  • Exposure to a wide range of reading activities with opportunities for discussion of ideas found in the books
  • Experiences built on a wide diversity of cultures and ethnic group

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