On this page you will find some ideas about what are age appropriate chores for your children. Expecting too much frustrates them and may lead to problematic behaviors.

38 Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids.

Have you ever wondered what age-appropriate chores you should be tasking your child? Learning when and how to set up chores for kids can be a challenge. If you are like most parents, let me help guide you in the best chores for kids by age!

Complete List of Age Appropriate Chores

Do you think kids should have chores?  Believe it or not, chores are incredibly beneficial for children. However, there is a lot to consider before assigning chores to your children.  For example, you might wonder what kind of chores to give them, how to divide the tasks fairly, and how to motivate your children to get the chores done. Luckily for you, we have the answers!.

100 Things to Do…

I’m Shelly; single-mom, daughter, sister and overall class-clown. 100Things2Do is where I share my triumphs (and fails) as I DIY my way through life. I’ve posted these age-appropriate chores for kids lists on the blog before, but it was only this January that Hubby and I decided to really enforce cooperation.  Maybe it’s just that this year we have the power of the iPad to encourage compliance – no chores, no screen time. Whatever the incentive/pressure, the girls have stepped up their game and have actually been doing the  majority of the chores on the list!…

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