There is no health without mental health…David Satcher

We care for families, couples and individuals of all ages.

Harold uses therapeutic modalities that speak to the needs of families, couples and individuals.  Among these are systemic modalities for families and couples along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CPT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness techniques to address the needs of individuals.


Dr. Anderson is one of the only licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) in about a 45-mile radius of Morgan County. LMFTs are trained to understand the family system and their intervention addresses the relationships that exist between couples and family members. We also address the needs of individuals utilizing the most current modalities for psychotherapy.

Children and Youth

Working with children and youth is a little different than working with adults, couples or families. Talk therapy does not work for children, and youth often find it boring. Utilizing play therapy and other more engaging forms of therapy for youth, we engage both children and youth in a way to speak to and meet their various needs.


Addiction issues are pervasive in Morgan County and there are many who are desperately seeking relief. We utilize the latest in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help people overcome their addiction in nonjudgmental and mindful ways. Addiction is a difficult disease, but by understanding the difficult emotions that are often the problem, we provide a way of embracing and living in recovery.

Let us help open a window of opportunity for you.

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